Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News from Pat Loucks, Halifax

recent textile work by Pat Loucks

Scarred Tissue #2

Deep Woods Summer #2

Clear Cut #2

"These works are intended t
o address my response to the landscape around me as I encounter it on my daily walks through the changing seasons of the year. I am interested in exploring the marks, patterns and forms that remain on the surface of the land as a result of human activity as well as natural forces."

"Changes I have observed in the appearance of the land due to occurrences such as tidal action, seasonal growth patterns, the effects of light and shadow, or the cutting of our forests, are some of the areas I have chosen to pay attention to."

"In my work I try to suggest a remembered mood or feeling, to communicate something visceral I have experienced while spending time in these locations, rather than a literal representation of a particular place."

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